With the benefit of her experience and humain know-how, SUMA AERO MECANIQUE is a preferred partner of AEROLIA within the Aeronautic Alliance,holder of a rating of level 1 and scecialy « common theme » (Troubleshooting and prototype component).

Its areas of competence range from machining of primary pieces to CAD blueprint (CD reading, cartridge 9mm….)to the achievement to complete subset, in materials also the nuanced than aluminim alloy, stainless, titanium, copper and PTFE.

SUMA AERO MECANIQUE has a Electronic Data Interchange system (EDI) fully compatible with ordering of aeronautics sector and completely interfaced to her software package CAPM HELIOS.


 SUMA AERO MECANIQUE provides these partners industrial tools particularly effective and recent which extends from CAM to computer Numerical Control 12 pallets, which only one center which machining of an inscribed circl of 1600mm.


Supplier of STELIA on pieces of class 1, SUMA AERO MECANIQUE has qualifications and make up part of the repertoire of qualified sub-contractors of STELIA for purchasing and procurement of materials.

  • Diverses pièces de structure
  • Diverses pièces de structure n°2
  • Diverses pièces de structure n°3
  • Diverses pièces de structure n°4
  • Pièce de porte cargo
  • Pièce de tableau de bord
  • Pièce partie chaude en titane


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