Inputs (premium) :

  • Operational support woth INDUXIAL.
  • Management of evolution of regulations, management of obsolescence, risk management policy
  • Controled dependency rates


Inputs (tactical) :

  • Strong custom reactivity (flexibility, pieces at low recurrence)
  • Reactivity to needs evolution (prototyping, offloading activity …)
  • Overall competitiveness (price, quality, delay)
  • Multi jobs evoluablility (Metallic and mechanical skills, elemantary pieces, little sub-assembly multi technology)
  • Logistics Structured (supply chain)
  • Business strategy and development to preserve his role face to face clients
  • Dependency measured


Clients assets :

  • Proximity (hyper reactivity)
  • Strong culture of client's univers
  • Mutualisation of ressources and skills (INDUXIAL = vision strategically commune)
  • Capacity to work on niche activity (micro series)
  • Financial health, confidence in financial institutions (sustainability)


Programming, machining, adjustment, SUMA AERO MECANIQUE generates and controls more than one innovation by day.

SUMA AERO MECANIQUE  has a system of Electronic Data Interchange entirely compatible woth all contractor of aeronautics sector and completely integrate in his CAPM.





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