2015 :

Bruno Pezeril becomes PDG, return in the autonomy of management for SUMA who becomes SUMA AERO MECANIQUE

2013 :

Acquisition of ACHP and CJ'HYD

2009 :

Creation of SUMA GROUP, Generation of the industrial association INDUXIAL.

2008 :

Pascal PEZERIL, grandson of the founder, become CEO, purchases HYDRO TECHMA, building news premises of 5.200 m2

2006 :

Certification ISO 9001 EN 9100

2005 :

Co creation of the Aeronautic Alliance.

2002 :

New system of CAPM with integration clocking in posts in the workshop, 
change all computer system, investment in 3D measuring machine

2001 :

New horizontal CNC with numeric control

2000 :

Purchase of a TRIBOFINITION machine, extension of meteorology labs, 
expansion of premises to 2000 m² and implementation of environmental demands

1999 :

Investment un 3D measuring maschine (scanning and profile function)

1996 :

Extension of the workshop to 1200 m²

1991 :

Implementation of C.A.P.M. system

1989 :

Implementation of the quality policy and investment in meteorology labs

1987 :

Passing to S.A. and acquisition of the first lathe with numerical control

1985 :

Michel PEZERIL switches to control the company

1976 :

New implementation in more spacious premises

1973 :

Creation of S.U.M.A. (Société d’Usinage Mécanique d’Albert), familiy company, 
by Robert PEZERIL and his son Michel



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